MAKING THE BIBLE LIVE by Georgia L. Chamberlin
Kirkus Star


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An answer to a vital need. Such a book has long been due but Old Testament authors seem to outdo each other in the length, weight and grim gloom of their books. Miss Chamberlin is unique in that she possesses brains, a sense of humor, modern psychology, an insight into the needs of today's student and teacher combined with a lightness of touch and a vivid, concise style and nothing in common with the others except her profound knowledge of the Old Testament. She takes us through book after book presenting prophets, kings and poets with such deftness that it is hard to believe they lived thousands of years ago; they seem to be contemporaries very much alive facing modern political, social and religious problems. A sure-fire sale to teachers but an excellent suggestion for your general customers who'd like a thoroughly readable key to the Old Testament.

Publisher: Univ. of Chicago