RELUCTANT JANE by Georgiana Dorcan Ceder


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At twelve, Reluctant Jane is a sort of pint-sized, boneless version of Calamity Jane. Her place and time are ""Kentucky in the year 1800,"" she's never learned to associate with anyone other than her mother and her three brothers, she's used to taking her share of the chores, she generally wears her brothers' hand-me-down pants, and she doesn't think much of the refined, feminine ways of Emily Crayton, her neighbor. Jane's more shy than tomboyish though, and her wardrobe change to lace-trimmed dress and hair ribbon is an easy fit but offers only the merest tug of interest. Some descriptions of frontier life, and a few sympathetic glimpses into Jane's family life makes this a minimal book for girls.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1966
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls