IT'S ALL ZOO by Gerald Browne


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A hip Holly Golightly gambols through this generally pleasant farce having to do with the love of Square and Hip among the incense pots of Paris. Lillian, happily situated in the one private apartment in a brothel, is edging out of her thing with Dieter, who has left for Germany. Lillian meets Graham when he stumbles into a scene with his hopelessly antiseptic girl, Priss. Graham is an anachronism among the enlightened--all-American suit, cropped hair and a fiancee ""plastered inside with the Ladies' Home Journal."" Graham falls like the stone he is for Lillian, in Priss' absence, and she helps him with his archeological dig in the center of Paris. When digging reveals naught but a bidet and a brandy cellar, Graham devotes his surprisingly amorous all to Lillian, who attempts a psyche renovation of Graham. Diter's hard-boiled return breaks up the lovers, and after a stretch with a Lesbian-voyeur yachting combination, Lillian, mourning Graham, turns square in memoriam. But on the street, with guitar, groovy locks, the works, is Graham, who now calls the turn. In spite of ear-curling sex, freaked-out capers, somehow the author's overview is MGM square. Amusing Hip and thigh entertainment.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday