MAD WITH MUCH HEART by Gerald Butler


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Termed the ""English Cain"", Butler has here a new novel of violence which this time adds a certain gentleness and tenderness to his customary strictly sanguinary type. This is, in simplest terms, the manhunt for a child killer, undertaken by Bond, father of one of the victims, and Wilson of Scotland Yard. Bond, who is crazed by revenge and retribution, is determined to take the law into his own hands; Wilson, professional, is equally determined to protect the killer and see that justice is done through proper channels. When chance leads them to a lonely farmhouse and a blind girl, and Wilson's knowledge that the killer is the blind girl's simple-minded brother, it is Wilson who discovers he has a personal-as well as an official- reason for preserving the idiot from Bond's fury....Butler's sure touch gives to this genre of psychopathic thriller a very direct intensity.

Publisher: Rinehart & Company