CANADA: The Uneasy Neighbor by Gerald Clark

CANADA: The Uneasy Neighbor

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This is an objective and readable survey of Canada's state as a nation: a study of her federal system and how it tests both the central government and provinces; the emergence of the Quebec secession movement; her history and her culture; her place in international politics; future plans and expectations; and, most important to American readers, a clear and discerning appraisal of her relationship to the United States. The author, a Canadian journalist, has synthesized previous attempts at defining his homeland, interviewed lawyers, housewives and poets across the vast face of Canada from the maritime provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia to the arctic north. The result is a book essential, really, to Americans who have lived too long in ignorance concerning the life of their northern cousin. If Clark's reasonable outlook, his polished and able prose, his ability to analyze with a mind free of the chocks of Cold War cant, and his important book are products of Canada, then there is no doubt of that nation's fortuitous presence for her complacent neighbors to the south.

Publisher: McKay