THE DRUNKEN FOREST by Gerald Durrell
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Back to South America, this time with a wife, Jacquie, Durrell continues to collect what sound like the most personable animals ever handled. Besides Cai, a douracouli monkey, there is Pooh, the crab eating raccoon, the pampas grey fox, Foxey, and Sarah Huggersack, the anteater, who became decided pets and were the ones to be taken when revolution caused them to hurry back to civilization. In the Chaeo they caught screamers, armadillos, owls, cuckoos, parrakeets, jays, snakes and more; they had their headaches over substitute food, worries over housing their catches and all the excitements of the chase which hit its peak when they saw rheas being caught with the bolos. Their departure was complicated because they could not take all the specimens with them and found that their captives did not want to be free.... which created a whole new set of problems. This, with most attractive illustrations by Ralph Thompson, is of the caliber of The Overloaded Ark and The Bafut Beagles rather than the less successful Three Tickets to Adventure. Very nice.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1956
Publisher: Viking