ROSY IS MY RELATIVE by Gerald Durrell


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What's slightly over a ton drip dry and has a ponderous pachydermian predilection for booze? Rosy of course, the funniest elephant joke one relative ever passed on to another. It all started back in 1900 when thirty-year-old and slightly musty Adrian Rookwhistle inherits Rosy from his last remaining relative. Uncle Amos. Rosy is an ex-circus alcoholic of endearing disposition but she somehow just doesn't fit into Adrian's city apartment or plans. So they set off to find her a more suitable establishment. En route we find Rosy breaking up a fox hunt; drunkenly sliding full tilt across a waxed ballroom floor and into the piece de resistance at the banquet table, nearly bringing down the house as an encore; running in place on a revolving stage and knocking Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves into fifty different places, and starring as heroine in a trial that finally proves that Rosy is a good person to know. An ""almost true"" tale that Mr. Durrell has lovingly embellished and you'll almost wish that you had a Rosy in your family too.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1968
Publisher: Viking