A PREFACE TO PRAYER by Gerald eard


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The author states that ""This is intended for those who have ceased to pray"", which covers a considerable portion of the reading public. However, as the author definitely rejects both the Catholic and the Protestant approach to prayer, he somewhat limits the number who would find his book a real preface to a genuine prayer life. Mr. eard, a layman, has found a prayer life that is satisfying to him by a study of the religions of the Best, particularly of Buddhism and Hinduism, and the lives of some of the elder Catholic mystics, such as St. John of the Cross. Those who have felt traditional Christianity unsatisfying, and are inclined to investigate the possibilities of the mystics' high prayer of contemplation will find here a closely reasoned argument for such a faith. The Preface to Prayer is not easy reading. Many will find it difficult to follow the argument. Others will find it impossible to agree with if they have understood it. But, on the other hand, it may be an answer to the aspirations of many a wistful soul.

Publisher: Harper