MY LIFE IN BASEBALL: The True Record by


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While this was being read, Ty Cobb joined the ranks of the immortals of baseball. The Dean of Sportswriters, E.A. Batchelor, who knew Cobb for a quarter of a century, writes: ""There will never be another Cobb; he starred where science, speed and intelligence brought big results."" This is more than a story of perhaps baseball's greatest player -- it is that of a fighting, ambitious boy who epitomized the fiery will to win that had begun to characterize all American sport, an ""angrily determined competitor who was constitutionally unable to take less than first place in anything"". He retired from baseball after 24 years, leaving records still unequalled. He was always a controversial figure and this book is the answer to charges made against him (a sorehead, troublemaker, ungentlemanly type). He fought for his rights and feared no one. He became probably baseball's wealthiest player, and he put his money to good use, establishing a hospital in his home town in Georgia and an educational foundation to help boys and girls through college. It is the Frank Merriwell story of baseball and will appeal to all devotees - old and young.

Publisher: Doubleday