FAIR GAME by Gerald Hammond


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Much less lively than The Reward Game (1980), this new outing takes gun-expert Keith Calder (once a devilish rascal, now quite bland) back to the Scottish lowlands--where, as hired aide to estate-lawyer Ralph Enterkin, he's helping to administer the prankish Last Will & Testament of eccentric, hunt-loving tycoon Ray Grass. But though Calder's job is to assess Grass' gun collection and to help a squeamish secretary fulfill the condition of her bequest (she must attend the funeral dressed in rabbit furs that she herself has bagged and skinned), he is soon proving that Grass' accidental shooting death wasn't an accident. And there are suspects all around: angry tenant-farmers, abused mistresses, a disappearing poacher. The actual culprit, however, isn't a very satisfying one (vital information is withheld till the very end), while those expecting the caper action of Reward Game will be disappointed. Still: the reluctant rabbit-shooting is amusing, lawyer Enterkin has a charming dalliance with a savvy barmaid, and readers with a taste for British-style hunting will find this a fair, atmospheric diversion.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1982
Publisher: St. Martin's