BODY WISDOM by Gerald J. Senogles


Secrets for Achieving Health, Happiness & Longevity
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An acupuncturist and Eastern health expert offers alternative medicine wisdom. 

In this debut book about salubrious “Secrets,” Senogles, one of the first graduates in acupuncture and “Oriental Medicine” in the United States, shares his wealth of disease prevention knowledge. In openly believing that “health, happiness, and enthusiasm are our birthright, and that they are attainable,” the author parlays over 40 years of private medical practice into a manual that promotes fitness through root-cause determination rather than ascribing to a symptom-driven state of perceived wellness. Readers need to first understand and be open to the origins of his methodology; Senogles touts traditional Eastern medicine as a supremely effective alternative health system for the human body. Split into two sections, the first aims to demystify the integral, vital, and interlocking organic functionalities of the human body and make this often complicated information comprehensible to the average person. Many of the chapters spotlight a hypothetical case at a clinic and the techniques used to alleviate the issue. “Tired Tom” complains of low energy, and the author adroitly describes the complex inner mechanisms of cellular metabolism, but in layperson’s terms. This explanatory simplicity creates an appealingly relatable quality to the narrative and has the potential to quell the squeamishness some readers experience when perusing medical texts for help. The same can be said for segments on blood’s life-sustaining capacity, stress treatments, acupuncture benefits, digestion processes, and some important guidance about how to preserve kidney function well into advanced age.

Even more accessible is the book’s second section, which delves into the numerous, intricate biological systems that operate the body and the most common maladies that can plague these areas. Senogles delivers strategies for optimal bone health, sound ways to avoid everyday toxins, and the building blocks of proper, non-genetically modified nutrition (“Shelf Defense”).  Though some segments are overly short and only scratch the topic’s surface, others provide more in-depth discourse. The volume is attractively embellished by debut illustrator Cauker’s line drawings, which demarcate chapters in a creative fashion. Overall, the author coaches readers on the benefits of using safe, natural methods to fix ordinary problems except, of course, for what he calls “The Big C.” The grave seriousness of a cancer diagnosis is outside the scope of this manual, although he suggests that his tips might stave off the development of that disease. The book’s disclaimer smartly states that Senogles’ advice should not be considered a definitive or conclusive diagnosis or treatment for illnesses. He counsels readers with serious conditions or symptoms to consult a medical professional. Still, whether or not readers ascribe to Eastern medicine, this sage volume remains a timely, neighborly nudge to regularly examine their diets, exercise levels, and general sense of well-being. And the work serves as a reminder to prioritize the cultivation of optimum health and wellness by becoming an active monitor.       

Achieving the natural state of health remains the goal of this practical, beneficial guide heavily influenced by Eastern medicine. 

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 2019
ISBN: 978-0-578-50777-4
Page count: 206pp
Publisher: Senogles Inc
Program: Kirkus Indie
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