HAVE THIS MIND by Gerald Kennedy
Kirkus Star


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Here is proof, if such be needed, that not all the great preaching in America is to be heard from our metropolitan pulpits. The author of this volume of ser is the pastor of St. Paul's Methodist Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a comparatively young minister. One reading this volume can readily understand why Gerald Kennedy is in great demand for lectures, conferences and radio work. For here is a direct and vital message in a style that is fresh, vivid, arresting, and stimulating. While the author adults in his preface that should be preached and not written, he has managed to transfer to the printed page much of the direct and personal appeal of preaching that must held his congregations in rapt attention. The sermons in this volume with the great affirmation of the Christian faith, based on the thesis that ""A Christian is one who has the mind of Christ."" God, Christ, the Church, the Gospel, the Bible, the Kingdom, such are the familiar subjects of these sermons. But there is nothing back-neyed or conventional in their treatment. The author is of the liberal school, but definitely and positively evangelical. Preachers will find this volume a gold mine of illustrations, apt quotations, arresting illusions, and thought-provoking phrases.

ISBN: 1406766755
Publisher: Harper