HUGHIE RODDIS by Gerald Savory


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An effective study of crime and unbalance in a small English village, handled in quiet, economical manner. Successful as it is, its appeal seems limited to those who like pathological studies. The story is slight -- there are two murders, both of young girls, both obviously the work of a maniac. For lack of a victim, suspicion of the police falls on harmless Hugh, a daft boy, whose devoted Aunt overlooks his infirmities. His nightly prowls, his odd likings for bits of glass and crockery, give the Chief Constable a false lead and the self-righteous, bloodthirsty citizens institute a man hunt which ends in Hughie's death and the discovery, too late, of the real killer. Pitiable, story of humble people, well executed.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1942
Publisher: Alliance