MORALS SINCE 1900 by Gerald


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A thoughtful and thought-provoking book such as one has come to expect from Gerald Heard. He describes vividly the changes in moral ideals and standards that have taken place in England and America in the last fifty years. He points out clearly how the changes is political and economic life, and the new discoveries of science have inevitably and radically transformed our moral standards. In particular he outlines the changes that have taken place in the interpretation of once generally accepted moral laws in regard to the use of force, sex, wealth, the given word and thought. He outlines the effect upon morality of scientific research. Then finally he tells how the criteria of civilization -- law, education and health may be buttressed and saved by the joint operations of science and religion. A book which should have a wide appeal to the thoughtful students of the contemporary scene, especially those who would bring a religious interpretation to the problems of the world.

Publisher: Harper