ON A BED OF RICE: An Asian American Erotic Feast by Geraldine--Ed. Kudaka

ON A BED OF RICE: An Asian American Erotic Feast

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From poet, filmmaker, and editor Kudaka, a hefty gathering (almost 90 contributors, many with pieces specifically written for this anthology) of saucy stories and poems from Asian-Americans both notable and obscure. Asians and Asian-Americans have been victimized by some rather insidious sexual stereotypes, so it's refreshing to encounter so many well-crafted forays into this burgeoning subgenre of literary publishing. And literary is what most of the offerings here are: The boffing is more often alluded to than described. Still, the book pretty well trashes the myth of the undersexed Asian, along with the notion that all Asians are family-mongering heterosexuals. Sandra Mizumoto Posey's ""Buying Shoes"" has the central character musing on the difficulties of making love in the front seat of a car; Eric Wat's graceful meditation on the way two gay male lovers fit together (""The Dark Room"") reminds us that beneath every affair lurks an inevitable parting; Julie Shigekuni, in ""Krista Rising,"" demonstrates suspense playing a strong role in a lesbian narrative (she literally holds everything until the suggestive end); and L.T. Goto, in ""Asian Penis: The Long and Short of It,"" gleefully attacks one of the most prevalent sexual misconceptions foisted on Asian men. Few of the pieces, however, can match Charlie Chin's ""Winston and Samantha"" for sheer vindictive hilarity: Winston has a foot fetish, Samantha the fetching foot, and the two act out their loving rituals in the backseat of a cab. Russell Leong, who contributes a foreword, also weighs in with a near-perfect, dialogue-driven story, ""A Yin and Her Man."" Light on the friction and debauchery, but top bedtime reading nonetheless--and more than a nod to multicultural faddishness.

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 1995
ISBN: 038547640X
Page count: 448pp
Publisher: Anchor/Doubleday