ALL OUT OF STEP by Gerard B. Lambert


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The Memoirs of a Man Who Did Not Walk with the Crowd"" starts off with a scene in which a fifteen-year-old boy crosses his corporate guardian, The Mississippi Valley Trust Company, and emerges from the Board of Directors Room his own man (older brother requested guardian). Perhaps this highpoint oversets the tone of the book, but the following material is unusual and individual enough, ranging in the course of a lifetime from wealth to bankruptcy and back, running on a dual track of business success and sporting triumphs. Early orphaned, Gerard Lambert inherited the Listerine fortune; his ad agency made ""halitosis"" a nightmare household term. After an extravagant youth uncurtailed by any notion of limits in riches, he worked hard and well at a number of enterprises. A costly assay in lumbering brought more than the desired excitement in a nearly full-scale race riot; a term with Gillette brought the famous blue blade and a new quality into advertising as well as steel; a proposed program in public housing brought a headlong collision with New Deal interests. War work, campaigning for Dewey and Ike, polling public opinion, lead to the Institute for International Social Research. International yachting provided more events and contacts.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1956
Publisher: Doubleday