PIONEERS OF THE PRESS by Gerard Previn Meyer
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Of our many hard won liberties, freedom of the press is one of our most precious. Modern young people who take this freedom for granted will especially be impressed with Mr. Meyer's discussion of the first newspaper in the United States. The story, alternating between London and Boston, describes the thwarted efforts of Benjamin Harris to establish a free press both here and abroad and how his initial attempt paved the way for the successful functioning of The Boston Newsletter established later by the Campbell brothers. Both amusing and amazing were the methods of news coverage in those days as illustrated by the numerous excerpts from the newspaper. How these fledgling enterprises dealt with handicaps in communication, fought censorship, and first exercised the right to convey truth makes an exciting story most ably written in a warm conversational style with strong illustrations in black and white by Anthony D'Adamo.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1961
Publisher: Rand McNally