GENESIS: A Commentary by Gerhard Von Rad

GENESIS: A Commentary

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A study of the first book of the Bible, addressed to non-theologians in terms comprehensible for college level and beyond. The better your own background, the more rewarding it will be. In an absorbing Introduction, Von Rad discusses the recent archeological discoveries and the changed emphasis on Old Testament theology that has resulted. The discussion of the Hexateuch problem is most illuminating, and the commentary is an endless source of delight. Not only does this further ones personal understanding of Genesis, but for many it will provide stimulating suggestions for homiletic treatment. Von Rad goes behind the particular eras of the several narratives entertwined in Genesis to seek out those situations which produced them. He sees the work of various authors as summarizing and cumulative as well as interpretive. The result is a book of wide appeal which makes a substantial contribution to faith and understanding.

Publisher: Westminster