FRANCE AND ALGERIA by Germaine Tillion


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published here in 1958, was an analysis of the political and economic interdependence of France and Algeria, presenting the case against Algerian independence, mainly from an economic viewpoint. The articles published in this book are restatement's and clarifications of Mme. Tillion's position written in response to various developments in the Algerian crisis since the publication of her earlier book. The article entitled is an impassioned plea for some kind of formula of association between the two countries, no matter what form it may take. Testimony for a Man her evidence read at the third trial of Saadi Yacef (who was condemned to death but later saved by de Caulie's general amnesty). Articles written during 1960 are concerned with France's problems of de-colonization; the emergence of modern Algeria and the basis of the crisis; and various stages during the period of trouble. Mme. Tillion's earlier book received respectful attention for its reasonableness; France and Algeria is a more eloquent book.

Pub Date: July 17th, 1961
Publisher: Knopf