ZSA ZSA GABOR -- My Life by Gerold Frank


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For just a little girl living in a world of fantasy, cuddly Zsa Zsa Gabor has led a suspiciously lusty life. She has exhausted a roster of dreamy husbands (popped the question herself to all of them) and cut quite a swath in the salons and boudoirs of the Sunday Serial world. Untrammeled by American puritanism and with a European cunning for fuzzing the moral issues, she has kicked the shins of husband George Sanders and pummeled the chest of lover Rubirosa with only exciting consequences. In between planes that rushed her from true love to immediate affair and back again, she found time to decorate a series of picture-book homes, feed the dogs and mention her daughter -- but it was a constant battle to hold her own in the Hollywood fort. Wearing contoured black jersey (the best background for the diamonds) or pink chiffon to please Aly Khan she tells all with blushing honesty. It is heart-warming and sincere, sincere and heart-warming, and forever Zsa Zsa. No Madame Curie she -- but then we must have fun, mustn't we? -- And why not loving, suffering, feminine, ambitious Zsa Zsa among all those divine people. Read on -- it's a diamond-studded, pearl-hung back fence.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1960
Publisher: World