WHAT ABOUT ME? by Gertie Evenhuis


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It's wartime Holland and Dirk, eleven, who resents not being in on Resistance activities, foolishly begins distributing a pile of his older brother's secret papers (leaflets?). He gives one to a teacher, who's arrested soon after; remorseful, he takes ali his brother's papers with the intention of destroying the evidence against him. There are some scary encounters with Nazis as well as the expected family brawl when the brother finds his papers missing, but before the adventure is over Dirk, frightened all the way, has taken a homeless little Jewish girl to safety and learned that doing one's part is not at all like playing games. The teacher is released and this is overall a bit pat; but it has genuine tension, a very human cast, and a pervasive sense of time and place.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Nelson