NOAH'S ARK by Gertrud Fussenegger
Kirkus Star


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It's hard to believe we need another Noah's Ark, but this one is different and attractive enough to win itself a place. The retelling, in this excellent translation from the German, is a delicate expansion in relaxed but cadenced prose that seems more accessible than the taut, terse original yet stays close to it in spirit and detail. The brilliantly luminous full-page illustrations echo the early Renaissance painting of northern Europe: individual details are lovingly rendered, Noah is a slim (if bearded) patriarch, and splendid decorative use is made of the paired animals, especially in a cross-section of the Ark where they are shown in their variously sized compartments. The rainbow shines as brightly as if drawn from a six-year-old's new box of colors. A welcome addition to the growing Bible-story shelf.

Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1987
Page count: 29pp
Publisher: Lippincott