HERBS FOR EVERY GARDEN by Gertrude B. Foster


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A really practical garden guide to the growing of herbs, set against the broader base of something of their history, a great deal about their use, and even a few myths and legends--and culinary hints. The pros of herb gardening are multiple: for diets, medicine, household use, fragrance, gourmets' delight, even church decoration in the season of Advent. Mrs. Foster advocates use of herbs in all parts of the garden, not simply concentrated at the kitchen door. She goes carefully into soil needs, drainage, exposure, protection the year round. For annuals and biennials, there is the start from seed, the list of herbs --alphabetical, with history, description, culture, habit of growth, and use. Next herbs from plants -- and again how and where to grow them, again alphabetical listings. There is a section on plants other than herbs that can be handled in much the same way, ranging from aconite to yarrow.

Publisher: Dutton