ONE WOMAN'S LAND by Gertrude E. Finney


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One Woman's Land is the stretch back home in Indiana where Hannah Maria is now having her 90th birthday. ""Ninety has more to remember... death and life, worry and rejoicing... More living, that's all."" Ninety in this case means lots of kinfolk, children, grandchildren, grown great grandchildren, and among those assembled here is Sir Lucas, from England, crippled as well as knighted during the war. Hannah Maria's favorite young Judy Ann falls in love with him. Then too there's the problem of keeping or selling her land when an offer is made and how she can decide what's best, synchronizing the past (which filters through in flashbacks) with the present... Gertrude Finney has written many books like this-- upstanding, a little sentimental, a little homiletic, and reasonably readable.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1965
Publisher: McKay