UNEXPECTED SUMMER by Gertrude E. Mallette
Kirkus Star


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This belongs in the upper brackets of the 12-15, and the lower of the 15 and up, for it is a different and exciting kind of career story- summer holiday jobs. Selden knows that she must earn money after her Freshman year and plunges into the problem of finding work, preferably in journalism since she is majoring in that. There just isn't any reporter jobs available, so she uses her ingenuity to find news stories, take photographs on the spot, and sell her story at spot rates to the very local paper that had turned her down. Then on the side, she starts a candy kitchen in her home, basing it on what she had learned in home at school, and after some discouraging set-backs, she makes a big success of it. There's plenty of excitement when the two jobs dovetail in the solution of a big robbery. And a romance culminates in an engagement, making it an exciting summer on all counts. There's plenty of level-headed business thinking procedure in the story, and some very good writing.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday