ADAM'S DAUGHTER by Gertrude Samuels


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Another case history from the files that gave us Run, Shelley, Run! in 1974 (a rehabilitated Shelley, in fact, makes a cameo appearance here), this concerns the seventeen-year-old daughter of a heavy-drinking, hot-tempered Irish-American put away six years previously for killing his stepfather. Though her mother is remarried and their home comfortable and happy, Robyn elects nobly to move in with her Dad upon his release from prison. Mom more or less disowns her, straight boyfriend Victor deserts her, and life becomes a battle with her father's sadistic parole officer, boozy girlfriend, unstable character, and tough breaks in general. The author observes that Robyn's experience has matured her, but readers are likely to find her merely a less and less interesting clichÉ. At one point a helpful social worker/ex-con tells Robyn that her father is ""using"" her; so, one feels, is Samuels, whose message clearly takes precedence.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1977
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell