THE HERZOG LEGACY by Gertrude Schweitzer


Age Range: 20 - 20
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An ever so long-lasting, four-generation novel which follows the Paper, as it was synonomous with the lives of the Herzogs, from its founding just before the turn of the century by a German Jew, Sigmund Herzog. An honest sheet, the Paper would be the Family unto the children and the children's children who (in spite of the incomplete family tree provided at the beginning) are difficult to isolate, pair up, or keep apart. Easiest to get a handle on is David who takes over the Paper and comes close to ruining it before he's removed and kills himself; and one step down, Becky, attractive to many men (most of the Herzogs are just soberingly respectable); and finally Becky's daughter Clara who witnesses the end of the dynastic enterprise as the Paper's last issue runs the story of the Kennedy assassination. . . . To be read for the reassurances of its 20-20 retrospect with, be it admitted, not much beyond its workaday consistency to recommend it.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday