GIFTS FROM THE FOREST by Gertrude Wallace Wall
Kirkus Star


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Marking, falling, undercutting, backcutting, limbing, bucking, hauling, measuring and mill trimming are described and photographed with the rhythm and excitement of the lumbering operation itself. Mrs. Wall, a California school teacher, has taken in accurate detail, the cycle of one lumbering operation near Martell, California, and as she describes its phases- the creak and crash of great trees and the whirr of the mill saws come excitingly alive. John Calvin Towsley's expert photography is as integral a part of the book as is the text. His camera catches the sweat on a faller's brow, the bustle of truckloading, minutiae like the caulks on a lumberjack's shoes, the reaches of the pines- with clarity and precision. A wonderful book for the class room and all young reference libraries.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1952
Publisher: Scribner