SPIRITISM by G.H. Estabrooks
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This is the book referred to in the report on Rhine's The Reach of the Mind (see P. 325). There's in this book what the other lacks, some fabulous, fascinating case evidence, both proved and unproved, making this of particular interest in what, to be sure, is a very particular field. The author is a psychologist who has spent a great part of a lifetime investigation (and more often than not discrediting manifestations of an other-worldly world. This is a highly readable exposition and expose of spiritism. With a personal belief in spiritism, but a scientific integrity which does not permit unproved evidence to intrude, Estabrooks distinguishes between true and false in a field which has invited fraudulence. Hypnotism, the powers- and limitations- of the hypnotist; autosuggestion; multiple personality; mediumistic trances; spirit communications; telepathy- still unproved, he feels- and very liable to trickery; ghosts; automatic writing; faith healing; physical mediumship (ectoplasm)- with the famous Margery case in full detail -- all this and more in an absorbing book.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1947
Publisher: Dutton