THE GREAT BRINK'S HOLDUP by Gibbons & Dinnsen Feder


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Introduced and concluded- the last three chapters at Sid Feder's death- by Joseph F. Dinnsen, who used the case in two earlier novels, and was said to have made more money out of it than anyone except the bandits,- the Brink robbery can still bear up and perhaps deserves this straighter handling. This collaborative effort, in which ten men took 2 3/4 million dollars in minutes, remains not only the greatest cash robbery in history- but in a Pyrrhic sense the most successful. Even though the offenders are behind bars, the money is still at large. Feder and Gibbons (who rode in a prowl car at the time) have provided a ""sensible and intelligent"" background and the preliminaries are almost as fascinating as the actual heist; the months of planning, casing, the dry run in December, the masterminding of MeGinnis who did not take part in the holdup but got most out of it; the sorting and sharing of the money (much of it was non-negotiable); the tremendous dragnet operation of the FBI with time running out at the end of three years, and finally the arrest of those involved, only made possible when Specs O'Keefe (shot at three times by the mob) agreed to talk... That market should be easy to finger.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1961
ISBN: 0548389829
Publisher: Doubleday