MR. FRANK MERRIWELL by Gibert Patten


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Are there enough middle aged men who cherish nostalgic affection for Frank Merriwell to provide a market for this saga of Frank Merriwell Grown Up? Somehow, I can't quite see a new market for this story of his exploits. He is knocking out ruffians instead of home runs; he is refusing to knuckle under to wealth and power; he sustains a high moral tone in the community where he works for the underdog and refuses to play dirty politics. There are the requisite number of thrills, a kidnapping, a murder, etc., and always our hero comes out on top. There's a gesture towards up-to-dateness in Lowell Thomas' latest broadcast and a background of the European War, designed to lend a homey flavor. Written in all seriousness -- but sure to be read with a blend of nostalgia and tongue in cheek.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1940
Publisher: Alliance