FIREGIRL by Gibson Rich


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This pro-feminist picture book features an exuberant, freckle-faced girl holding fast to her dream of becoming a fireman in spite of discouragement from her father and the local fire chief, but encouraged by her Chinese best friend and a black fireman (a neat symbolic correspondence, if not necessarily very likely). In spite of the carefully planned ethnic balance and rather too obvious moral, Brenda's ambition is fulfilled in an exciting way, as (wearing an oxygen mask and tank) she sneaks up a fireman's ladder to rescue a pet rabbit from the attic of a burning building. Some adults may be worried about the merits of encouraging children to hang around waiting for an opportunity to ""help"" busy firemen, and even judged by unisex standards, Firegirl is too self-conscious to really make the grade. However the solution is sufficiently dramatic and Farley's raggedy-Ann children and bright, geometric firetrucks are eye-catching, if unsubtle.

Pub Date: Dec. 8th, 1973
Publisher: Feminist Press paper