LOVE AND CONFLICT by Gibson Winter


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Gibson Winter, who teaches at the University of Chicago and is a member of the Theological Faculty, has used the Biblical pattern along with modern parallels as a basis for his analysis of The New Pattern in Family Life the subtitle here. Family life today is paying the price for the new abundance; the upward shift to better jobs, better homes leads to rootlessness and uncertainty- and the family unit, far more isolated than it ever was from other generations- from the community, has a greater intimacy which also leads to irritability. The man, appropriated by his job, is often a stranger in his own home and rarely around; ""Mom"" becomes all and youth lacks the necessary authoritarian guidance of the father; the grandparents, once widowed, face the problems of growing old-alone; all lack the necessary affiliations with friends, and with society in general in the intimacy- i. e. isolationism of family life today... Mr. Winter expresses his plain truths plainly- calmly- and with the persuasion of recognizable situations; never aggressive, he also offers constructive guidance based on Scriptural tenets. Church counselors in particular will find this helpful.

Publisher: Doubleday