ROYAL REGIMENT by Gilbert Frankau
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This is good Frankau. He knows how to tell a story as well as anyone writing in England today. He has the sure sense of suspense, he writes of people one enjoys knowing, and he has the formula for appealing to popular taste. The story this time revolves around the romance between a junior officer and the young wife of his superior, the clash between tradition, duty, loyalty -- and love. Through the love story is woven the pattern of England between the years 1936 -- 1938, with the royal romance as the crux of the matter, with rumblings of coming troubles in Spain, in Africa, in Palestine, on the Continent. There is much talk of matters regimental and military -- too much for the complete neophyte, but this should expand the male audience, and it does not block the story. There is nothing in the story that could offend conservatives.

Pub Date: Jan. 3rd, 1938
Publisher: Dutton