INAGUA by Gilbert Klinger


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Inagua is the name of a lonely and forgotten island, and this is the story of a two-man scientific expedition to the Indies, marooned on Inagua, in the Bahamas. Klingel, left alone when his companion is recalled to the U.S., carries through his researches as a naturalist single-handed. His impulsiveness and curiosity run him into many difficulties. His encounters with the natives are in sharp contrast with the friendliness of the wild birds, he studies the importance of the islands in the scheme of things. Ten years later, he returns -- and views the island from other angles; there is the start of a salt industry; there are the new wonders of the deep which he finds in diving. Leisurely reading for the Peattie-Thoreau market, for throughout is the contemplative spirit, the consciousness of worlds within worlds, the inevitability of patterned causes. There is also something of the naturalist appeal, a la Sanderson.

Publisher: Dodd Mead