PROCLAIM LIBERTY: The American Offensive by Gilbert Seldes

PROCLAIM LIBERTY: The American Offensive

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Analyst, interpretor, propagandist, Seldes has written here a pertinent, pointed small volume showing America's role -- and means -- of winning the war first, the peace afterwards. He outlines the sources of the ""strength we have to destroy our enemies"" -- with freedom as our major strength. He shows the kind of world Hitler has built up, a reversion to feudalism, which democracy must defeat if it will survive. He shows our many disunities, but believes that our tradition of progressive principles and action will overcome divergent groups and aims. He analyzes the Declaration of Independence, and shows that the formulators intended us to be independent through fighting against isolationism. He discusses the immigration problem and Americanization; he discusses past relations with Europe and indicates that we must emerge from a policy of excommunication to one of participation. What America is; what tools she has with which to combat Hitler; what her democratic control will be after the war; these are a few of the ideas in a book that offers many.

Publisher: Greystone