THE SECRET OF D DAY by Giles Ferrault


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This is high-class journalism, the kind where the reader is lured from chapter to chapter by dangled identities and daggers glimpsed behind cloaks. The well-kept ""secret of D Day"" involved the beaches the Allies would use for their invasion of the Continent. Hitler was actually eager for the Allies to make their move. Then he could attack, releasing several divisions now idle for activity at the Russian front. The Allies used five beaches in Normandy but the German high command considered this a diversionary action prefatory to the big invasion which would come from the north at the channel's narrowest point. In this book we watch spies and counterspies working either to conceal or expose the big secret. Much of the material is surprisingly hilarious and men are caught and hung for ridiculous reasons. It is as if this grandly interesting book were laced together with a piano wire of ironies.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1965
Publisher: Little, Brown