THE BURDEN OF GOD by Giles Marootte


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A low-keyed, introspective and honest little novel relates the spiritual crise of a young French Canadian priest as he passes from the secluded world of the seminary to active service as second curate in the small village of Saint-Eulalie. Despite his penchant for teaching, Claude Savoie finds that his service there, his encounter with the people, satisfies an inner need. Only when he asserts himself, by performing an engagement blessing for a dying girl and the boy who falters at the door of a vocation to the priesthood, does he realize he has been fighting for his own right to live. A period of rest and retreat at the monastery of Saint Alban makes clear to him the path he must follow to renewed faith and action. He finds himself ""the priest of the Introibo,"" who celebrates ""the possible beginnings, the stubborn hope, and the tremendous universal unworthiness""... and finds too the strength to return to his village service. For the thoughtful devout.

Publisher: Vanguard