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FROM SHORE TO OCEAN FLOOR by Gill Arbuthnott Kirkus Star


The Human Journey to the Deep

by Gill Arbuthnott ; illustrated by Christopher Nielsen

Pub Date: May 2nd, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-5362-2974-5
Publisher: Big Picture Press

Humans and the sea: the past, present, and possible future.

From the timeline (8000 B.C.E.-2020 C.E.), inventively depicted as a winding path interspersed with images, to examinations of global myths and those who explored the seas, this book merges informative text and dynamic graphics to tell the exciting story of oceans and how we use (and abuse) them. How are waves formed? How many species of animals and plants live in the oceans? How deep is the ocean? Arbuthnott lucidly explains ocean-related technology such as submarines, marine biology, and some physics and geology. Her coverage of scientists, explorers, and other individuals is inclusive; she discusses women scientists like Marie Tharp, Gloria Hollister, Jeanne Baret, and Asha de Vos; Japanese pearl divers; the Inuit historian Louie Kamookak; and others. Descriptions of those who sought to salvage treasures from shipwrecks are as compelling as details of the treasures of sea-borne knowledge. As in her other guides, Arbuthnott balances accuracy and entertainment. The anecdotes are fascinating, complemented by Nielsen’s dramatic illustrations; an account of a routine 1939 submarine test dive that went horribly wrong, illustrated with graphic novel–style panels, is especially gripping.

Colorful, clear, and chock-full of information, this book invites readers to dive in.

(Nonfiction. 8-12)