DOSSIER 51 by Gilles Perrault


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M. Perrault who knows all about this (The Red Orchestra -- a true dossier on World War II Intelligence) has written an exhaustive report assembling all kinds of coded information (classified TS?), photographs, appendices, letters, photographs and miscellaneous analyses provided by not only secret service operatives but also a graphologist, a psychiatrist, a chirologist, etc., etc. Thus you will learn all you could possibly want to know about #51, Auphal, Dominique; his wife Liliane (who is having an affair with an Italian Cultural Attache; and numbers 53 through 56, the children and the servants. But mostly #51 from schoolboy to cold and listless husband (there's a 52A who could be responsible, or was it his overweening mother) and nothing is missing in the microinessentials from his private life to private parts. Some of this is of course catchy and amusing but it would have been cleverer by half if shorter by about a third.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1971
Publisher: Morrow