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MANY LIVES, MANY LOVES by Gina Cerminara



Pub Date: April 30th, 1963
Publisher: Morrow-Sloane

Miss Cerminara's book sets forth with solemnly disarming dullness all the arguments for the theory of reincarnation. Her best material (at least, the apology hangs in the air) is in her earlier books. Here, however thin, is the terial from which she, apparently, will fashion a mystique for reincarnation, solid, logical grounds. She has put the front of her book at the last, so that--until getting back there--the reader wonders why everything is so systematically laborious. It is revealed finally that Miss Cerminara is composing her work as a General Semanticist. That is, she is elaborating a theory that will at least be viable in words, if not operatively. After the theory, comes the belief he does this by destroying many other theories of afterlife, to her own satisfaction, and then by applying recent experiments and literature on clairvoyance and associated psychic phenomena to her subject, reincarnation. The reader is struck by Miss Cerminara's clinical honesty, but groans under the sheer ballast of this review course. She presents nothing new except that she is intent on aking a respectable, academic science out of reincarnation and karma. It'll be a rosy day for lovers, in their karma hornrims.