THE PRIEST by Giovanni Battista Montini


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This is a collection of the addresses of Cardinal , now Pope Paul VI, on the subject of the priesthood. Most of these addresses were delivered while Paul was Cardinal Archbishop of Milan, on such occasions as the ordination of new priests, the convocation of diocesean synods, and the celebration of the Holy Week liturgy. It is a temptation, particularly in a case where a reigning pope is the author, to substitute the man for his work and to handle the book with a reverence that should be reserved for the author. Yet, in this instance, the problem resolve itself: Montini's addresses, dealing mostly with the significance of the prit the renewal of priestly spirit, and the place of the priest in the modern world, models of that literate spiritual incisiveness that one would expect from an erudi and saintly theologian. The Priest is, then, an invaluable work for priests and minarians and ideal for meditation and spiritual reading.

Publisher: Helicon