MY HOME SWEET HOME by Giovanni Guareschi
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This series of family vignettes by the author of the Don Camillo stories is a total delight. Writer-illustrator Guareschi works at home: he is the beast in the attic and he communicates with the kitchen by telephone. ""This brutish man was both intolerant and impetuous and, when he looked for his jar of paste and couldn't find it, turned into a madman."" Indeed, Pasionaria, 6(apple), has taken the paste downstairs and used it up. Determined to teach her a lesson, he takes off his belt, doubles it up and whips...the kitchen table. The wretched Pasionaria is laughing. And so will you--it's an outlandishly logical family. Pasionaria, when she is not otherwise dangerously reasonable, refers to her father as the chauffeur when her friend visits her. And when Albertino, ten, decides to read one of his father's books (someone at school had told him his father was a writer) Giovanni waits in anguish for his son's critique--""It's written in big letters and goes fast."" So does this, a variant life with father for all members of all families. Report repeated from later pages, this issue.

Pub Date: Dec. 2nd, 1966
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux