MICHELANGELO by Giovanni Papini


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As Mr. Papini himself remarks in his preface, there have already been too many biographies of Michelangelo, but even though the events of his life are well known, he feels free to add to this collection in that he is contributing a new interpretation. This is a re-examination of Michelangelo, the man, much as Papini did in his biography of Christ, in terms of the motivation of his work. This is a loving and reverent job, but it is doubtful that many- other than art students and devotees- will take the time to go through the considerable detail here. And most modern American readers will not share Mr. Papini's enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment in proving that Michelangelo was a good Catholic, or that the Buonarroti family did not have noble blood. They will be most rewarded by the gallery of contemporary portraits of the men and women Michelangelo loved, hated, sought out, avoided, trained, and worked for. Noteworthy too are the 33 photographs which are not of his work, but of places where he lived and people whom he knew.... A defined audience, and a possibility as a gift book for the holiday season.

Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1952
Publisher: Dutton