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NAKED TEXT by Gisela Hausmann


Email Writing Skills for Teenagers

by Gisela Hausmann

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9963893-8-9
Publisher: Educ Easy Books

An “email evangelist” outlines the value of email for teens addicted to texting.

“If you want to do big things in life, you’ll probably need to send e-mails,” advises Hausmann, who targets text-loving teens in her latest “Naked”-branded book. While texting is fun, fast, and effective for connecting to friends “in the now,” she says, teens must understand the nuances of email to function in an adult, career-driven world. Noting that networking is easier than ever thanks to digital communication, Hausmann details seven rules for drafting effective emails: use a professional, not colorful email address; respond within 24 hours; write a concise subject line; include a greeting (having none is too brusque); use correct spelling (particularly of the recipient’s name); ensure that all necessary information is included; and add a salutation (avoid the overused “Sincerely”). Hausmann concludes her book by sharing some “ludicrous” emails and tweets that she has seen (“They call it e-mail, because me-mail was too long”). Hausmann (Naked News for Indie Authors: How Not to Invest Your Marketing $$$, 2016, etc.) proclaims her primer is “a non-fluff, no-nonsense book.” For the most part, she is right: her email protocols provide common-sense suggestions for emoji-obsessed teens, especially the excellent tip that readers link to their professional websites or portfolios in email signatures. She does include some fluff, however, listing websites of teenage entrepreneurs, which seems like filler in this slim book. Overall, this is a quick, conversational kick-start for teens interested in building their professional presence.

Snappy, useful chat about email importance and etiquette.