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From the Enchanteé series, volume 2

by Gita Trelease

Pub Date: Feb. 2nd, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-250-29555-2
Publisher: Flatiron Books

As the French Revolution burns its way through history, Camille Durbonne and her friends must carve their path to survival in this sequel to All That Glitters (2019), originally released as Enchantée.

In a Paris in the throes of social and political change, Camille and her sister, Sophie, now have a safe house and the riches that allow them to live freely. For Camille, that means turning away from the magic that nearly destroyed their lives to become a printer like her father, producing successful pamphlets that give voice to less fortunate girls. Camille still yearns for that magic, but giving in may cost her not only the love of Lazare, the balloonist who has her heart, but her own life when the king, supported by the revolutionaries, declares all magicians traitors to France. Suddenly her beloved Paris is the most dangerous place for Camille and her friends to be. This novel features an enchanting group of characters and a thoughtful thread about Camille’s progressive understanding of how her identity cannot be divorced from her magic. But as the alternate history focuses on the persecution of elite magicians, it undermines the complexities of the French Revolution and both its hopes and horrors. Both the main characters’ laughable plot to save the magicians as well as one-note villains further weaken the story. Most main characters are White; Camille’s beau Lazare is brown-skinned, with French and Indian heritage.

Fizzles into a pat denouement instead of igniting fiery readerly devotion.

(glossary, historical note) (Historical fantasy. 14-18)