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LUKE & THE LITTLE SEED by Giuliano Ferri


by Giuliano Ferri ; illustrated by Giuliano Ferri

Pub Date: April 1st, 2015
ISBN: 978-988-8240-94-4
Publisher: Minedition

What could be a better gift for a wee mouse than a mysterious gift that promises both something delicious to eat and branches to climb and play on?

It's Luke's birthday—Luke being a little mouse standing on a soft, grassy hill, waving at his friends as they arrive at his party. Then his bespectacled grandfather gives him a gift: a small orange bag, full, disappointingly, of “just seeds.” But his grandfather promises that if Luke takes care of them, the gift will provide a tasty treat and a botanical jungle gym. They plant the seeds, but like every small child (or mouse), Luke is disappointed when he doesn't see speedy results. Grandfather counsels patience. Finally, up grows a small, strong shoot, and Luke sits over it, enchanted, as if a new friend has magically appeared. The story quickens; Luke forgets to water the plant, and it nearly dies; when, one day, Luke is sick in bed, his curious friends happily fill in for him. The soft pastel watercolors beautifully capture the world from a mouse’s-eye view, and the mice are irresistible, with their big ears, little hands and feet, and eyes that shine like tiny marbles. Towering, fluffy white dandelions stand like watchful and eager spectators.

Readers will appreciate seeing the good things that come to those who wait, watch, and water.

(Picture book. 3-8)