IT'S TIME YOU KNEW by Gladys Denny Shultz


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Enough information is included here to give girls and boys a good grounding on the subject of sex. Gladys Shultz is known as a writer and counselor in the field of marriage and parenthood (The Complete Baby Book for Mothers and Fathers- 1948) and in a companionably personal vein, her remarks here are geared more to girls' emotional needs, though boys could benefit from a reading too. There are chapters on physical growth in both sexes from babyhood through maturity and coverage is well detailed. Material on mating and the difference between the sex natures of men and women is clearly and matter-of-factly presented, but in such a way that allows the author to point to the good rules of conduct teen agers will be more apt to keep if they know the facts and realize the consequences of their actions. In this sphere the author's assumption is that the onus of possible punishment still lies more with girls, theirs being the higher calling, and joy, of childbearing. This may cause some argument or it may raise points that are not included in the book. But the overall approach is one of sensible relationships during the teens, not only among boys and girls but with parents, and one's self.

Publisher: Lippincott