WARDEN'S WIFE by Gladys Duffy


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Report repeated from the March 1st bulletin, when scheduled for spring publication, as follows: ""Brought up on San Quentin, daughter of a prison guard, with Clinton Duffy, whose father was also of the Prison Town organization, the author has known the prison intimately, learned its history, seen the abuses, and, with marriage to Clint, has seen the innovations and reforms that his 12 years as Warden have brought about. Her very personal story is linked with that of the high custody institution and she has tales of executions, the Condemned Row, the feuds and jealousies among the women prisoners, the killers and the deviates, the escapes, and all the problems presented by men behind walls. Throughout is the conviction for a need for enlightened penology, the idea of segregation for the irreclaimable and rehabilitation for others. Her detailed, personal concern is a thorough documentary of life in prison and living among prisoners that instructs while it reveals.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1959
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts