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THE LIGHT HERE KINDLED by Gladys Hasty Carroll



Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1967
Publisher: Little, Brown

Even though you may not see much point to this story which consists of a lot of loose connections (literally and figuratively), it's hard not to get the message which is paraphrased on every other page. Beginning with Ellen Dockham who lives out her 97 years on a farm who says that ""young folks today (are) a sight different"" or an old ex-Pullman porter who claims ""times had certainly changed and not for the better"" or young Margaret, who is going to teach, after her vision splendid comes up ""softly like daybreak."" She realizes that what had once been ""solid, familiar, reliable"" is ""quite unrecognizable."" By the close, however, some three couples who have been brought together by guess, by God and by chance are all at Ellen's farm after her death where they will keep the light she kindled burning and follow the gleam....Sanctimonious fudge.